About the Los Angeles County de jure Assembly
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What we believe
We believe in the sanctity of life, in the sovereignty and dignity of every individual, in the law of consent, and in the law of do-no-harm. We want the very highest and best for all people which includes good health, good food, good education, a clean and healthy environment, and always, personal freedom and choice.
What is an assembly?
Throughout history in all times and places the people have assembled together to determine their collective well-being. We are doing that now in this Assembly for our beautiful Los Angeles County. In actuality the people of the world are the owners of the world. We derive this power solely from our Creator. And at the county level the people of this County have the responsibility of the owners of the County. Assemblies have been called "the fourth arm of government."
As (some of) the owners of this County, it is our responsibility to see that our County is properly governed and managed according to rules that we have collectively established and that Natural Law* requires. This includes seeing that corrections are made where needed, that success and hard work are recognized and rewarded, and that new goals and methods are established to serve the people of the County to keep it a thriving, safe and healthy place for every person in it for generations to come.
How is an assembly created?
In order to fully participate in an official and public way an assembly must have public standing and recognition. It must announce the name of the assembly in either a newspaper, news-site or a public place of record for three weeks. Following that is a three-week period where rebuttals can be made to its forming. If no rebuttals occur it will have official standing and recognition. It can then use the name of the assembly in public meetings, affidavits, statements, exchanges and any legal process.
What powers does this assembly have?
The power of this Assembly is the power of the people (who are the owners of this county). This Assembly may examine any and every area of lawful concern in the County. This includes but is not limited to: law enforcement, County departments, County budgets, and individual cities or regions of the County. The Assembly may issue affidavits, serve legal notices, directly engage departments and public officials, form Grand Juries, and enlist lawful enforcement of laws.
In addition, this Assembly is seeking (and expects to receive) ratification in the Global Hall of Records which will give it official global standing as a legitimate governance body of Los Angeles County. As such it will be a service organization for the people of the county, and will execute and enforce the will of the people. Ratification will also enable it to receive funding directly from the Global Central Bank Repository. See: Get Involved (Life Force / UNN Listings)
How is this assembly organized?
The four basic parts are 1) The Council, 2) Committees, 3) Action Groups 4) Projects.
  • The Council: This is the governing body of the Assembly and is composed of the officers of the Assembly. These are: the President, the Vice President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, the Sergeant-at-Arms and the Historian. The officers are elected by the Assembly members.
  • Committees: A committee is responsible for a certain area of concern of the Assembly and is made up of an unlimited number of members. Each committee has its own governing council which is elected by the committee members. The committee council can create Acton Groups made up of committee members. These groups can be tasked with performing anything that the committee council requires. Thus, it is possible to enlist all of the members of a committee in doing the work of the committee.
  • Action Groups: These are groups formed to do defined tasks beneficial to the Assembly and the County. They can be created by any Assembly member(s), or by committees. The type created by individual members must have a leader and a defined purpose, and must be ratified by the Assembly.
  • Projects: These are created by the members and can pertain to anything in any area providing that it 100% serves and benefits the people of the County. Funding will be made available from the Global Central Bank Repository. See: Get Involved (Life Force / UNN Listings)
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* Natural Law. Natural Law, or Common Law, or Universal Law is the law of life. It includes: the law of "consent"; the law of "do no harm"; and the law of the "sovereignty of sentient (self-aware) beings."